Written in 1960, our Mission dictates that our first and foremost priority is to contribute to human welfare. Over a half-century later, the Mission continues to serve as our ethical framework and inspirational goal for our employees around the world. It guides our day-to-day work and reminds us that our efforts are transforming the lives of millions of people each year.


Ethicon’s measure of success is the people they impact around the world—the patients who are now enjoying longer, healthier lives. Ethicon is committed to addressing the world’s most pressing healthcare issues by advancing technologies, research and training, and working with healthcare providers globally to create solutions that improve health outcomes and expand access to quality surgical care. From creating the first sutures to revolutionising surgery with minimally invasive procedures to finding innovative solutions today, Ethicon has been Shaping the future of surgery for more than 100 years.

Applied Medical

Through a collaborative and team-based work environment, Applied Medical develops innovative products that improve patient outcomes and enable the advancement of minimally invasive surgery. They are committed to improving affordability and accessibility of high-quality healthcare. Applied Medical is a leading provider of breakthrough technologies for minimally invasive and General Surgery, as well as Cardiac, Vascular, Urologic, Colorectal, Bariatric, Obstetric, and Gynecologic specialties.


Sirtex Medical is a global healthcare business with offices in the U.S., Australia, Germany and Singapore, working to improve outcomes in people with cancer. Our current lead product is a targeted radiation therapy for liver cancer called SIR-Spheres® Y-90 resin microspheres. More than 100,000 doses have been supplied to treat patients with liver cancer at more than 1,300 medical centers in over 50 countries.
SIR-Spheres® is a registered trademark of Sirtex SIR-Spheres Pty Ltd.


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